Minor Irritants

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of keeping my blog updated weekly, life happened! I am so sorry, dear readers, for not posting as regularly as I had planned. I can list my hundred excuses, but I know excuses only satisfy those who say them. Sadly. In other news, I have made my business cards! A professor suggested it to me and I took it into consideration, then went for it. I think they look good, just a little flair and an incredible quote about editing on the back that says: “A good editor doesn’t rewrite words, she rewires synapses” – S. Kelley Harrell. She writes for the Huffington Post and has several books about animism, shamanism, dreams, and the everyday paranormal things. I haven’t read them personally, but they are on my BOOKS TO READ list. That list is ever-growing.

Now for the meat of this post, my irritants in the past month pertaining to the English language. Aren’t we excited?!

First off: People who say the word they are using is in the dictionary. Please take a moment to view this image:

Can we appreciate the beauty of this image. I wish I could take the nonsense words out of the dictionary (ya’ll, ain’t, irregardless), but they have become too accepted into speech. (Thank you Sarah Palin.)

Second: Incorrectly using commas and apostrophes. We have all seen the memes about how commas save lives, but I haven’t seen many dealing with apostrophes.  We cannot use an apostrophe to create a plural word unless… NEVER! I don’t understand how it became so popular to misuse this beautiful grammatical tool, but people… PLEASE STOP.

Oh! I have to get ready for a meeting with a person about a potential editing gig. I’m so excited. I’ll blog again later and hopefully I’ll make it a part of my weekly routine.



To summarize my grievances, and show the ones I didn’t get to: